How To Work From Home

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How To Work From Home: Looking for top tips on how to work from home by someone who has done so for years? Take a look here for some amazing how to’s and the most productive ways to work from home.

You don’t have to invest in top of the range software or shell out on a large, swanky office. Deciding how to work from home is as simple as keeping things simple and following the steps below.

The benefits from working from home are obvious but there are also many flaws that some people do not take in to account. Time to face the good, bad and the ugly and find ways to embrace them or avoid them!

Create Your Work Space

How To Work From Home

Setting up your office to work at home can be as big as converting your basement in to a full blown office or as small as clearing a table in the corner of your living room for your laptop. No matter how big or small, make sure it is TIDY and ORGANISED so you can work from home in a tidy and organised manner.

It might sound cliché but an organised work space will make you a more organised person.

Keep a little tray for your documents, bin unnecessary papers and avoid making more documents than necessary just to make it look like you are busy (A common mistake made by yours truly in the beginning).

Find The Right Laptop

Find the right laptop

No one needs to shell out on a top of the range Macbook or Ipad just to keep the accounts in check.
First analyse what you will be doing when your work at home on your laptop? (Playing games doesn’t count). If you are going to be writing invoices or keeping spreadsheets, more than likely a bottom of the range 2gb laptop will do you.

Obviously if you are a graphic designer, you’ll need the tools for the trade, but you don’t need me to tell you that.

Get The Right Software

Get the right software

The rise of cloud based software such as Google Drive has been helpful to the sole trader or the self employed who want to work at home. Google Drive lets you make documents, spreadsheets, presentations and many more for free by just creating a Google account.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive package, standard Microsoft Office software will do you well as long as you fish around for a decent price on the internet.

Set Your Work Hours

set your working hours

One of the biggest issues you will find when you work from home is the temptation to flick on the television whilst you work or see who’s stronger out of you and the dog.

Decide what your working hours are and stick to them be it 9 – 5 or overnight, it doesn’t matter, just stick to them and make sure you set times for your breaks and lunchtimes. I’m not saying you should beat yourself up about making a brew out of the designated schedule but if you waste time doing useless tasks out of work, the only person missing out is you.

One other issue is OVER-working. I find myself doing this when I don’t have my girlfriend to tell me off for sitting on my laptop all day but make sure when it hits your “home time”, you turn the laptop off and get on with your life.


Learning how to work from home isn’t difficult, it’s keeping things simple, organised and on schedule. Once I got rid of all these ridiculous print outs I thought I might need at some point and tidied up my laptop and workspace, I realised working from home can be a joy and a great benefit to my happiness.

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