Examples of Responsive Web Design in 2014

Posted on January 18, 2014 7:03 pm in
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It’s a new year and a new era of web design and we always need inspiration so I’ve written this post highlighting some examples of responsive web design in 2014

As you may have read in my previous post Future Web Design Trends 2014, responsive design is here to stay and that’s why I’ve written this article on examples of responsive web design in 2014. Whilst these websites may not have been designed or made in 2014, it gives us a great vision of what to expect in 2014.

I made this list, like most of my inspiration, whilst researching for projects. I spend at least 25% of my time researching so I have plenty of lists.

All of the websites I make are responsive as standard and I’m very fond of using the Bootstrap framework.

Anyway… Let’s get stuck in shall we with:

Justin Aguilar


This website is beautifully simple and is a great example of responsive, flat UI. The colour scheme is inoffensive, easy on the eyes and I love the subtle highlights of colour.



ZURB has a great colour brand and is a great example of responsive web design in 2014. When the responsive design kicks in, the colour scheme and header totally changes to give two totally different experiences to the user.

Dane Bowen


Dane Bowen has used a very bold colour with a heavy use of iconography to keep a simple design interesting. When viewed on a smaller device, the icon boxes are turned in to large, easy to use lists.

2nd Floor


2nd Floor have a nice light, clean design with some awesome fonts (Geeky I know…). They have used a grid method here meaning when viewed on a smaller device, the design changes from multi-columns to a single column.

Mostly Serious


Mostly Serious use large but little typography to fill the page without bombarding the user with too much information. This is a classic responsive design with another grid layout and the menu is a beautifully simple responsive drop down.

Joshua Johnson


Josh Johnson had used a nice baby blue, my favourite colour to use in design, to create a clean, eye pleasing design. My favourite part is the inspired homepage portfolio that cleverly shifts in to one column on a smaller device.

Magnetic Zero


WOW. I love this design, even though this post is about responsive design, this is one of my favourite designs I’ve come across for a while. Inspiringly simple with a grid layout gives this the ease of navigations and the simplicity to get their message across.



This website hits all the right buttons. Full page design, large boxes and typography with some amazing photography and they make the use of the great photography when viewed on smaller devices.



Merixstudio love their grids and so do I. The homepage features a large, short statement with 3 of their chosen projects in a grid style that effortlessly shifts in to one column when viewed on a smaller device.



A truly beautiful website with a great use of fonts and colours. My favourite thing about this website though is that the text slowly grows and shrinks depending on the screen size. I am easily pleased.


As I stated earlier, I always do my research and when researching responsive designs, I was amazed at the standard of work out there. These websites are literally my favourite designs from looking through 100’s of designs.

If you’re looking at responsive web design, I would recommend using grids and keeping things achingly simple. The beautiful things about these website are that they are super simple but with some innovative thinking and genius design, it can also be beautiful and interesting.

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