9 Awesome Charity Web Design Examples

Posted on December 11, 2013 11:00 am in
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I get a lot of enquiries from charities asking for web design and I’ve gained a fair few bookmarks on my inspiration list for charity web design examples.

The main thing I love about web design for charities is that the brand is so important and normally they have a main campaign going on meaning large typography and graphics are key.

I’ve put together a list of my top 9 charity web design examples from extensive research and knowledge of the industry. Why are there 9 you say? The other’s just didn’t seem to cut it…



I analysed this time during a Christmas campaign and that’s why the screenshot is about gifts.
I think they’ve done a great web design job of this charity website. The textures look great and earthy and the typography they’ve used with the promotional video is inspiring. Large icons and a varied use of popular fonts make this one a winner.

War Child


I love this design. The colours are great shades and the red emphasises the seriousness of the message. Unlike a lot of charity websites, they’ve kept things simple, large and bold. This helps drive the message home without overwhelming the visitor.
Simple design but with small detailing such as the jagged edges of the DIV’s and the amazingly blunt graphics in the background, I love it.

Rice Bowls


A calming pastel yellow is the main theme of the site with very little borders boxing off the design.
Funky fonts, simple illustrations and a perfect use of branding colour.
The subject is a serious one but they take a different approach from the usual shock tactic which is refreshingly different and easier on the eyes.


This one’s a classic, as you would expect from WWF. The black and white theme with a large use of beautiful photography, endorsed by Leonardo Dicaprio, which helps…
The simplicity of their main campaigns at the top and the biggest news boxes underneath keep things to the point without clouding the page.
The standard of how it should be done.



Ok, I’ll be honest with this one. I really liked the menu pointed sliding across the screen as I scrolled. HOWEVER… there are other point I really liked such as the simplicity of the colour scheme and the use of statistics. But mostly the menu pointer…

Charity: Water


The main thing I love about this website is the featured area. Oh course it’s the Christmas season so it won’t look like this all year round but I like the higher end font, fading typography and the simple donate button.
As I go back on the website again to find more points to write about the sub menu is simple but inspired.
Along with again, simplicity, great typography and beautifully simple graphics, it’s another great.

Robin Hood Foundation


The main thing about this site is the colour scheme. The white background with the lime green detailing really makes the design pop without heavy imagery.
Of course they use a large featured area but the simplicity of the rest of the site make it easier to get to the point.
More points that helped make it in to this list is the detailed artwork of New York and the simple use of icons.



First of all, they have David Beckham and Prince William on the homepage as the main background. Kudos.
The full screen layout eliminates the need for scrolling so no details goes missed.
It’s definitely given me some ideas for future projects and the use of the sidebar for the navigation and news is awesome.

Crossroads 4 Kids


Ok so I might be tooting my own horn here but I was proud of this one.
It’s always challenging to create a website based around children as it needs to be colourful without being garish but the pastel purple that came with their branding was a great base to start on.
With the use of zooming images on the home page and subtle shadows on the DIVs, I think this one turned out great.


When creating charity websites, you expect shocking and emotional images to drive their point home but with these one’s I’ve picked, they’ve let the design do the talking from them.

Large featured areas, simple typography and some great illustrations are all you need to make a charity website that really proves your point.


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