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Posted on October 22, 2013 9:42 pm in
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That’s right, BBRWT 2.4 is now updated to the latest WordPress and Bootstrap!

Don’t worry, the instructions in the old post still apply, but it’s now compatible and ready to go.

If you like this theme, please share it or throw a link back.

Thanks for your patience, 2.4 is now available! Light, compact, latest WP and Bootstrap

Ok, so I’ve made a brand spanking new blank responsive Bootstrap WordPress theme for all you responsive designers out there who love WordPress and love the framework of Bootstrap.

There’s no frills,  just base coding with the standard Bootstrap framework along with the PHP files needed to make a theme work.

I’ve been developing WordPress and Bootstrap for years and I believe everyone should be using both of these to create amazing, responsive and customisable CMS websites.

New to Bootstrap?


Bootstrap is an amazing framework that takes all of the headaches out of responsive design. With the use of DIVs and SPAN tags and much more, it makes everything mobile and tablet friendly.

How to I add components, CSS and Javascript?

Another amazing thing about Bootstrap is that they have ready made scripts for you to use to make your website look amazing without having a totally in depth knowledge of web development.

Below are links to different sections of the Bootstrap website showing you the different components and options you can add to your website.

How did you do it?

It was easy peasy which means it will be simple to develop with. I just downloaded the latest version of Bootstrap and injected the JS & CSS files in the the header and with a little help from HTML5 Blank. The rest is down to you.

As someone who has worked with WordPress and Bootstrap for a long time, to me it’s the perfect combination of framework and CMS.

Can I see it in action before downloading?

Yes, yes you can. Click on the button below to see the blank responsive Bootstrap WordPress theme in action.
I installed the theme (downloadable below) ona  fresh WordPress install and made this post. This means it’s as simple as that to implement the theme.

This theme is currently being updated. You can still download the latest version from Github.

Download the Blank Responsive Bootstrap WordPress Theme

Ok Tommy, we’ve heard enough. We just want to download the theme and start creating. Give up the goods.
Before you do, please like/share this post as a thank you to the developer. I know it’s cheesy and nasty but people should be credited for their work so ‘Like’ and download the Blank Responsive WordPress Theme.

Download Here

Notice any issues? Please comment below and I’ll get back to you!
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